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Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts Feb. 20-22, 2015

Fancy Pants for Plants will be on fire—at Hillcrest this weekend.  You can glaze your own, we’ll fire them on the spot, and you can take your own creation home with you! Experience the excitement of raku firsthand. Succulents for your Fancy Pants for Plants will be given away free as long as they last. …

New designs for Fancy Pants: pockets and buttons!

   Here are some new Fancy Pants for Plants in the “leather hard” stage of creation.  After they dry like this, they will be fired in the kiln, then cooled, glazed, and fired again to 2300 degrees F.  Then they get matched up with the right plants, and planted!  

Thank you’s to Hillcrest!

   This bowl was part of our demonstration on Saturday at Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts.   The image on the right is a partial view of my large patio table & chairs, saggar fired.

Village Venture tomorrow in Claremont

This should be lots of fun.  Ceramic Services has a booth on Second Street between Yale and Harvard, and my Fancy Pants for Plants will be there waiting to go home with new owners.